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Welcome to Blean Primary School.

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New Entrant Information for Parents/Carers - September 2021 Intake

  • The online application process opened on Thursday 5th November and closes at midnight on Friday 15th January 2021.
  • Online application is encouraged via www.kent.gov.uk/primaryadmissions
  • Blean’s PAN (Published Admission Number) is 60 and we have 2 classes of 30 children in Year R.
  • We are a popular and oversubscribed school.  Last year we had a total of 147 applications for 60 places.
  • The Admissions criteria ranking for Blean is:
    • Looked After Children
    • Current Family Association (Sibling)
    • Health, Social and Special Access Reasons
    • Nearness of children’s homes to school
  • In September out of the 60 places offered and accepted – 32 children were siblings and only 28 places were offered on distance.  The last distance offered was 1.5 miles.
  • Current Family Association is defined as the child who wants the place will have a brother or sister attending Blean School when they start and they both live at the same address
  • The Sibling link will be BROKEN if the family have moved more than 2 miles from the school or if they were living more than 2 miles away when the sibling got a place and they have moved even further away.  The Sibling link remains BROKEN for the whole of the Primary phase

If you have any questions regarding admission to Blean Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01227 471254, option 5 or email office@blean.kent.sch.uk

Mrs Debbie Hodson

PA to the HT and SLT

Extended School Information for New Entrant Parents/Carers

Welcome to Blean Extended School.

  • Blean Extended School offers both Breakfast Club from 7.30am – start of school day and After School Club from end of school day – 6pm at our onsite facility.
  • We are an extremely popular addition to Blean School and unfortunately places cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please be advised that siblings of children already attending Breakfast and After School Club will have priority bookings.
  • Places will be open for booking(s) (if available) from the 14th June 2021.  Please email Mrs Jane Williams, Extended School Manager, on extendedschool@blean.kent.sch.uk  with your booking enquiry.
  • Places will be offered after that date but may not be confirmed immediately due to existing parents/carers amending/cancelling their child(ren) existing bookings. Extended School will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

If you have any further questions regarding Extended School provision, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Williams on 01227 784706 or email extendedschool@blean.kent.sch.uk

Mrs Jane Williams

Extended School Manager

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