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Action Research

Every year we co-ordinate a programme of research projects designed to support our focus on key aspects of school improvement.

Our research is practice-based and can help teachers choose the most effective teaching methods.

While the majority of our studies are planned and led by our teaching staff, the pupils take control of the decision-making process. They effect change by making sure we know what they think and what they want in order to bring about the right change or improvement.

It matters to us that we share our knowledge and expertise because we want every child to receive the best education possible. Here you will find summaries of our research from 2012 to 2019 as well as our latest insights and thinking on this year’s projects.

This year (2019-2020) our EYFS team are collaborating with three other local schools to 'Develop Writing in the EYFS' and our wider teaching staff are exploring personal investigations into 'curriculum approaches', 'supporting SEND pupils' or 'making learning stick'.  

An example of our contribution to action research at Blean is captured in the book, 'A Practical Guide to Action Research and Teacher Enquiry, co-written by Dr Amanda Ince and Dr Eleanor Kitto. To find out more about this book, please follow the link to a description by the publisher, Routledge, https://www.routledge.com/A-Practical-Guide-to-Action-Research-and-Teacher-Enquiry-Making-a-Difference/Ince-Kitto/p/book/9781138495180 .

Action Research over the years

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