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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Meet the Teacher

Please see below the Powerpoint for Meet the Teacher.

Banksy Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gothard & Miss Husband

Banksy Class Welcome Video

Banksy Class Welcome Video.mp4

Kusama Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Assistant: Mr Smith

Teaching Student: Miss Crowe

Kusama Class Welcome Video

Kusama Class Welcome Video.MOV

Banksy Class Blog

It has been so good to be back together again and to be able to play with our friends. The things we used to take for granted are now such a treat and we’ve had a lot of fun being back together again and going on our learning journey together.

So this week, we have especially enjoyed reading the book Wonder and we’ve started to imagine what it might be like to have a disability of some kind – whether physical or emotional. The book is so easy to read and has generated such brilliant and insightful class discussions.

In Maths, we have got really excited as we’ve learnt how to work out the nth term and we’re loving the whole topic of algebra. What’s more, our descriptive writing has been amazing and has been inspired once again by the Wedding Ghost as Jack stands before a great palace and slowly has the realisation that he is, in fact, the Prince in the traditional tale of the Sleeping Beauty.

We’ve had fun playing handball and we’ve learnt all about the zones of regulation. (If you don’t know what they are, ask anyone in Banksy Class and they’ll explain.) And finally, we’ve finished the week off by making blood, trying our best to get the right proportions, with marshmallows, red laces, hundreds and thousands and vegetable oil. We know all about plasma, red and white blood cells and platelets and understand the function of each one.

It’s been an amazing week of discovery!

Kusama Class Blog

The final week of Google Classrooms and the imminent return to school.

Here are the children’s musings:

“This week has been incredible. We have been writing poems, description and much more. My favourite thing was when we wrote our Forest poems in English. In Maths, we have been learning about expressions. I will miss this week but we must continue. We are all very excited about next week as we can go to school! Let's see what next week brings us...”

“This week was just WOW! From making teddies to writing poems, the fun has never stopped! We are all really looking forward to going back to school and can't wait to be back in the cold, chilly classroom that we are familiar with! I know one thing for sure, getting ready for school on Monday is going to take longer than I thought! Who even knows where my uniform and ambassador badge is now... And where are my school shoes?”

“This week has been amazing! We've been writing wonderful descriptions of spooky forests, sewing our own teddies, programming a cover of songs in Computing and learning how to take a pulse in Science! Although it has been fun finding a new way of doing things, we all cannot wait to be back inside of our classroom to see all of our teachers and friends in real life!”

Year 6 Letters

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