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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Meet the Teacher

Please see below the Powerpoint for Meet the Teacher.

Banksy Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gothard & Miss Husband

Banksy Class Welcome Video

Banksy Class Welcome Video.mp4

Kusama Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson & Mr Smith

Kusama Class Welcome Video

Kusama Class Welcome Video.MOV

Banksy Class Blog

Early Thursday morning, there were reports of an earthquake in Banksy Class. It is thought to be the worst earthquake this class has ever experienced, reaching an 8 on the Richter Scale. After the first 40 second tremor, there was another stronger tremor which lasted a full minute and a half. As the plaster started to fall from the ceiling, the children panicked and ran out into the playground. Fires broke out and the water mains burst and buildings (many of which had been local landmarks for years) began to tumble. After a series of aftershocks, things finally began to settle but the classroom was left in chaos. The children will now be thinking about how to design earthquake-resistant buildings for the future.

Kusama Class Blog

Tired teachers and shocked students were amazed to see that an Earthquake had hit Kusama Class in the early hours of Thursday morning. With debris falling from the ceiling and tables and chairs in disarray, the first job of the day was to try to put everything right again. We were shocked to see that the devastation had been caught on camera. We will next be questioning where in the world earthquakes happen and seeing if we can design a building to withstand such a natural disaster. 

Poor Stanley has also been subject to disaster this week in Holes. We have taken on the role of Parole Officer in our writing in a desperate plea to encourage the Warden to let him go. Knowing what we know about her, we don't think we'll have much luck persuading her! 


Year 6 Curriculum Overviews

Please find a link for the Year 3 and 4 Spelling words here:  http://www.fleckney.leics.sch.uk/homelearn/wholeschool/spell/y34spell.pdf

Banksy Class CCTV.mp4

Year 6 Letters

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