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Welcome to Year 6

Oak Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Henderson

Elder Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Student: Ms Watson

Teaching Assistant: Miss Greenstreet and Mrs Gothard

Oak Class Blog

We’ve worked really hard this week and have covered a lot of different things. In English we’ve turned our attention to some balanced arguments, considering whether Jack – in the Wedding Ghost – should kiss the Sleeping Beauty or not? We’ve also drilled down to understand the different functions of the hyphen and the dash and have tried to use these in our arguments. It’s been a week of concentrating on different tenses and in particular, the simple past and the past perfect. In Maths, we’ve been answering all sort of reasoning questions to do with area and perimeter and have brushed up our accuracy with mixed fractions and percentages. We’ve created some wonderful but slightly terrifying Mayan masks and have used our enquiry skills to make observations about some of the lithographs that have been made to represent some of the major Mayan sites. In RE, we’ve found out a little about what Humanists believe and have thought about our own personal code of conduct and in PSHE, we have further considered our actions when displaying the value of responsibility. We’ve had a chance to play on the wonderful, new, Activity Trail and have perfected our skills in Table Tennis. We’ve learnt lyrics and come up with some actions for our Sport Relief songs and this afternoon, we’re looking forward to our run to raise lots of money. What a week!

Elder Class Blog

We finished our Maya masks this week. Some of us made some celebrational animal masks while others made some death masks which would have been used for burials – some from the Maya period were even made from jade. The masks are all very colourful and look very dramatic on the wall.

Talking of drama, our classroom was transformed into Elder Studios for our History lesson. In groups, we performed and recorded a TV show to present information about Maya achievements like their writing and number systems. It was fun to watch the videos we made!

We finished writing our balanced arguments in English and most of us agreed that Jack should not kiss the Sleeping Beauty.

We improved out Tennis skills and practised our rallies. We also had the opportunity to play on the new adventure trail.

On the last day before our extended holiday, we watched the film Wonder as we are reading it in class. The film was very moving – sad but good!

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