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Welcome to Year 6

Oak Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Henderson

Elder Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Student: Ms Watson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ahmad and Mrs Gothard

Oak Class Blog

What an amazing week we've had at PGL! It has been brilliant and so many happy memories have been made! We have all challenged ourselves and  feel really proud of the many and varied fears that we have overcome. We've climbed Jacob's Ladder, competed against one another in fencing, jumped off a 30 ft pole onto a trapeze, dropped from a great height on the Giant Swing, scaled and abseiled a vertical wall, played a number of different Team Games, gone Around the World in a canoe, solved problems, navigated our way around an orienteering course, had some Wacky Races and tried to ambush one another in the dark. But most of all, in all these things, we have collaborated and worked together to support each member of our group in order to achieve great things. We've made new friends, forged stronger relationships with old friends and have made this a trip that we will never forget! 

Elder Class Blog

This week has all been about Collaboration, our second school value! We designed our own P.E games in groups and tested them out. Also, in Dance, we have been learning how to dance in different styles, all put together.

In English, we are learning about the Titanic, the great ship that collided into an iceberg. It’s very exciting, yet tragic.   

As part of Collaboration, we got into groups to make bridge constructions of marshmallows and spaghetti. It was fun but got very messy!

For Maths, we have done lots of exciting activities like fraction bingo and group quizzes!

written by Manqi and Eleanor


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