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Welcome to Year 6

Oak Class Blog

Such a lovely week in the sunshine, getting used to all the routines that Year 6 brings and really knuckling down to our learning - and what a lot of learning it has been! We've mastered Place Value, how to write extended answers in Reading, using quotations and evidence from the text, designing and creating lino tiles inspired by Hokusai, finding out about the different types of eathquake and perfecting our passing skils and working together as a team in order to score in rugby - all ready for the World Cup! It's going to be a beautfiful weekend too! Life is good in Oak Class!


Well... what a week! We've had an eartquake in Year 6 and the classroom was such a mess! The first tremor lasted for 40 seconds and then, after the second one, the ceiling started to collapse and fires broke out! Th water mains burst and it was terrifying!! All thanks to an amazing APP!! How on earth did we survive not just the earthquake - but the Kent Test too?? It's a miracle! We're all definitely ready for the weekend!




Welcome to Oak Class! What an action-packed week we have had already! It has been so much fun seeing our friends again after a long summer, settling into Year 6 and feeling so grown-up! We have all agreed that this year, we are going to speak kindly, work hard and quietly, help one another and keep the class tidy. We have started to read the book ‘Holes’ and are already fascinated by the character of Stanley Yelnats. We have discovered all sorts of patterns in Maths including Finonacci’s spirals which we have also seen in nature. We have started to form some sequences in Gymnastics and we have painted Big Head pictures in Art. We are definitely ready for the weekend now and look forward to what lies ahead next week.

Elder Class Blog

Elder class blog
This week, our story ‘Holes’ is beginning to get really exciting as we are learning about how all of the different characters connect together. We are excited to write a story next week based on the notorious outlaw ‘Kissin’ Kate Barlow!

Some members of our class took part in two extra activities this week: an exciting arts project where children created a piece of artwork as well as different drama activities and a maths competition at St Edmunds, where Blean triumphed to take the first place shield.

In PE, we are enjoying playing Tag Rugby: we are quite competitive and therefore the games are very exciting. This afternoon, we will be joining our buddies to take part in the PTFA Fun Run to help raise money for our school. We can’t wait!



This week we have done a lot from doing the Kent test to earthquakes in our classroom.

So, as you have heard we took the Kent test on Thursday and we are very proud of how hard we have all worked and our achievements.

On Friday morning, we were amazed to find a complete disaster had happened: we all came into class to find the tables turned over, and everything left in the class trashed. There was mess all over the floor and the place was a tip.

Watch the video below to see the CCTV footage of the earthquake in our classroom at around 18:00 PM.


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Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Henderson

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Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Student: Ms Watson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ahmad and Mrs Gothard

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