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Welcome to Year 6

Hinch Class

Class Teacher: Miss D Irons

Teaching Assistants: Miss Husband & Mrs Gothard

Hinch Class Blog

On Thursday, we went to Ramsgate to visit the WW2 tunnels. We saw artefacts like medals, coffins, uniforms, and even a wedding dress from when someone was married in the tunnels during the war. 

We learnt that on 24th August 1940, over 500 bombs were dropped on Ramsgate. Fortunately, only 31 people died because the townsfolk went into the tunnels to shelter and be safe. 

When Winston Churchill visited Ramsgate after the bombing raid, there was an air raid siren which meant that the Prime Minister had to put out his cigar and shelter in the tunnels. 

The tunnels were used throughout the war and are now open for visitors to experience what it would be like to live in the tunnels as many people did during the war.   

In P.E. this week, we did circuit training with the whole year group and tried lots of different things such as: skipping, hockey dribbling, basketball dribbling, netball shooting, bean-bag throwing and relay running. 

Have a restful, sunny weekend, 

Hinch class 

Gebrselassie Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson

Gebrselassie Class Blog

Friday 21st January 2022

This week travelled back in time for our WW 2 DAY!

Everyone came to school with a wonderful outfit. First, we took a pretend train to Blean and we watched the beautiful scenery. Once we had arrived, we experienced following the rules and being fostered. The rules they had in the 1940s were very strict: every time an adult entered the room we had to stand up until they gave us permission to sit down and no fiddling around was allowed. Then, we practised some handwriting. After we completed the handwriting was took on a challenging arithmetic. Some people in our class did a spelling bee. After having World War 2 style packed lunches mmmmm... we went to the hall to play some fascinating W.W. 2 games we played hopscotch, cup and ball, marbles, tiddlywinks, jacks and more!

We can’t wait for next week’s adventure to Ramsgate.

Written by Selim and Leylee.

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