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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Meet the Teacher

Please see below the Powerpoint for Meet the Teacher.

Banksy Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gothard & Miss Husband

Banksy Class Welcome Video

Banksy Class Welcome Video.mp4

Kusama Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Todd

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson & Mr Smith

Kusama Class Welcome Video

Kusama Class Welcome Video.MOV

Banksy Class Blog

Sarah writes… Looking back over the previous week, I have realised that I like routine. Routines that are simple and easy to follow, not long, boring ones. My routine is perfectly simple: Wake up and have breakfast, brush teeth and get dressed, do schoolwork, lunch, exercise time – i.e. a walk or cycling, finish any outstanding schoolwork from the morning, chill out time, bedtime. See? Only 8 steps each day which are simple and easy to follow.

Amelie writes… After another week of home schooling; compared to last week, I feel like an expert finding my way around Google Classroom. It has taken a while to adapt to my working environment with a toddler sister who is always trying to have a look at my work saying, ‘See, see!’

We have all loved the ‘live’ sessions this week and often have a ‘countdown’ as we await the link to open. Amelie, Raphael, Duntan and Asha have really enjoyed the diary writing about the Air Raid and Raphael said, it really made him feel that he was actually that person, writing that diary! Lots of us enjoyed making some music this week in ICT and Rahul liked finding out about Adaptation in Science.

We have been doing a lot of fun things in our free time: Priscila has made red velvet cakes, Sam, flapjacks, Ana, cinnamon rolls, Amelie, chocolate piñata cup cakes, Hattie, apple crumble, Frankie, brownies and Rahul, chocolate chip cookies.

Eliot has found that there are lots of fun things to do in Lockdown. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Inflate a balloon and try to keep it in the air for as long as possible.
  • Collect old toilet roll tubes or kitchen rolls and use them as bowling pins
  • Consider starting a diary to help let your feelings out.
  • Start a really nice book series like: Percy Jackson or Eragon
  • Do some drawing or painting

We’ll leave you with those ideas. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Kusama Class Blog

This week we have been up to lots of different learning tasks from learning fruits and vegetables in Spanish to creating our own songs in Computing.

We are getting used to using Google Classrooms and many of us have figured out how to send our amazing work to our teacher. It has definitely been easier than last week as we all feel much more confident. We really enjoy the live sessions where we can still see our friends and share excellent examples of work.

We all really enjoyed the computing tasks where we had to make our own song using Chrome Song Lab. Another favourite subject this week was Science, where we could draw animals and write about how they had adapted to suit their environments.

We have really enjoyed this week. Adapting to our home learning is becoming easier and easier – we are even enjoying playing some games together too. We have become very good at always being positive.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 

Year 6 Curriculum Overviews

Please find a link for the Year 3 and 4 Spelling words here:  http://www.fleckney.leics.sch.uk/homelearn/wholeschool/spell/y34spell.pdf

Banksy Class CCTV.mp4

Year 6 Letters

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