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Welcome to Year 5

Jamaica Class


Class Teacher: Mr Hunt

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Martin and Miss Perry

Cuba Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Rowbottom

Teaching Assistants: Miss Darby and Miss Perry

Year 5 - Relative Clauses

In Year 5 we have had a focus on relative clauses. You may notice that this is a development area on some reports that are sent home. Here is some information for both parents and children.

Relative clauses

Relative clauses enrich sentences by offering extra information using relative pronouns or relative adverbs.

Relative pronouns: that, who. whom, whose and which.

Relative adverbs: where, when and why.

For example:

Santa, who has a very long beard, was a jolly old man.

I ate my lunch which was very tasty.

​Sophie, whose shoes were silver and sparkly, danced across the playground.


Meeting with the Year 6 Teachers

Deligh-Ted visits Cuba Class

Year 5 Meet the Teacher

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