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Welcome to Year 5

Baobab Class


Class Teacher: Mr Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson

Class Blog:

What a fun-packed week it's been in Year Five!


It's jolly hard to know where to begin when so much exciting learning has happened!

We had a lovely time creating mocktails, inspired by the book: 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. Mr. Rowden and Miss. Foster came along and tried one of our creations. Later in the week, we wrote about our recipes in as engaging a way as possible.

This afternoon we took part in a sponsored run, the best part of that was running with our buddies from reception.

In Mathematics, we went on another orienteering Mathematics trail, we had a power cut during the lesson and so Mr. Hunt and Miss. Irons had to use the infant playground as a giant white board and had to chalk out the key to the code we were trying to crack.

Here's a code to crack from us, it's a simple A1Z26 cipher. See if you can work out the message:

3-21-18-9-15-19-9-20-25     9-19     11-5-25

In Geography, we embraced our curiosity about any element of East Asia that fascinated us and combined our geographical skills with independent reasearch into all sorts of areas.

We've set ourselves a challenge for the next two terms, we are going to try and read Hattie and Mr. Hunt's combined height in books.

We've already read 16 centimeteres of books (that's past Hattie and Mr. Hunt's ankles) and we'll keep you informed about this each week. 



Silver Birch Class

Silver Birch

Class Teacher: Miss Irons

Teaching Student: Mrs Lewis

Teaching Assistant: Mr Dutch

Our Class Blog:

Friday 20th September 2019

In English, we're reading and learning about The Firework-Maker's Daughter. We made our own mocktails for Rambashi's Jungle Grill. We used various juices and garnishes to try and make them as delicious as we could. They were: tasty, zingy, tangy, delicious, fruity, tropical, fizzy, mouth-watering and satisfying. YUM! yessmiley

We learnt how to use thermometers in Science to measure the temperature of hot water. We recorded every 5 minutes until the fire bell rang! Hopefully, next week we won't be interupted. enlightenedsurprise

Yesterday, we went down to Year R to meet our buddies again. We read stories to them and played with them. Some of us were a little distracted by playing with the water; sometimes we wish we were Year R again! We are looking forward to running with them this afternoon on the sponsored fun run.

What a good week. We hope you have a good weekend,

Silver Birch Class


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