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Baobab Class


Class Teacher: Mr Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson

Baobab Class Blog

Friday 24th January 2020

More rehearsals this week and our production is all coming together!

This week in English, we have been creating job adverts for a highwayman.

We combined our knowledge of Highwaymen with modal verbs to create some really fantastically fun writing and here are some examples


Secretive, stealthy and swift Highwaymen needed in the Hounslow Heath Area. Cutpurses and Footpads need not apply.

Are you feeling that you do not get enough pay? Well, you could be getting hundreds of guineas if you are the Highwayman we're looking for. We are looking to appoint a dashing Highwayman to join our established firm of Highwaymen.

Will you be like Turpin, Nevison, or Duval, who are some of the most famous Highwaymen who ever lived, and go down in HIstory?

You ought to be someone who is not scared to end their days hanging from Tyburn Tree.

You should be an expert in deadly weapons like flintlock pistols and rapiers.

NB You will need to own your own rapier, which must be kept sharp, in order to do your job properly.

You might be a butcher, which would be advantageous, as you know how to handle knives and not be scared of getting bloody!

You must be an expert horserider.

You might have a certain gallic charm and you should be a good dancer if you want to be like Calude Duval who would dance with his victms after robbing them.

If you can say yes to these statements then we want to hear from you!










Silver Birch Class

Silver Birch

Class Teacher: Miss Irons

Teaching Student: Mrs Lewis

Teaching Assistant: Mr Dutch

Our Class Blog:

Friday 17th January 2020

This week, we have been practising very hard for our production, which is about Viking Sagas. We have been focussing on choreographing the songs, that have a lot of actions, and learning our song words and lines. We are all very excited (even though there are only 9 more school days before the performance).

In Maths, we learnt the standard method of doing long multiplication, which is quite a challenge, but we can do it! We will do it! We won't give up because our value this term is resilience.

Do you know what a relative clause is? We have learnt about relative clauses, that give more information about the preceeding noun, and how to use them. Can you find them in our blog?

Silver Birch Class

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