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Welcome to Year 5

Baobab Class


Class Teacher: Mr Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nelson


Baobab Class Blog:

Friday 27th September 2019

Today we had a fantastically fun themed day celebrating the start of the Rugby world cup.  

We combined Roman numerals with tag rugby in the morning, representing Roman numerals with our tag belts.

In Art, we combined Aboriginal art with our sketches of Baobab trees and were delighted with the results.

Geography was brilliant, we taught each other all about the human and physical geography of Japan and Tokyo and found out they had more in common then you might think. 

Here's a crossword clue to solve.

Something unusual (that killed the cat?) (9)

Our reading challenge is going terrifically: we've already reached Mr. Hunt's beard!


Silver Birch Class

Silver Birch

Class Teacher: Miss Irons

Teaching Student: Mrs Lewis

Teaching Assistant: Mr Dutch

Our Class Blog:

Friday 8th November 2019

Viking Week this week was very fun and interesting. We learnt about  Norse Mythology. In HIstory we learnt all about the Vikings including: CLothes and jewellry, food, houses, and writing. Throughout the week in early work we learnt new objects, where they were found and what they were used for.

A few days ago, we made poppies with our buddies to go at the front of the school where everyone can see them. Whilst we were making them, we encouraged our buddies to do the cutting, tearing and sticking to help them with their fine motor skills.

We have been reading a book called 'Cloud Busting' by Malorie Blackman. In the book there are lots of poems to make one long story. The book made us feel quite sad but it is still a good book to read. Why don't you try reading it?

We are looking to our assembly next Wednesday. We have been writing scripts for our groups and making props. We hope all our parents will come along to watch it.

Silver Birch Class

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