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Welcome to Year 4

Bolt Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Prior & Mrs Coleman

Teaching  Assistants: Mrs Watson & Miss Ball

Brownlees Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Wolfram

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hicks & Miss Lanckmans

Bolt Class Blog

Friday 22nd October
This week we have really enjoyed using the bows in our violin lessons. We can all hold the bow properly and play D and A. We are very proud of how far we have come in such a short time!

We have also enjoyed writing Haiku about Autumn. We looked at the special structure a Haiku must have (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). We used some great vocabulary to paint a picture with our words.

Finally we finished reading Bill's New Frock and talked about what the story told us about how differently we treat boys and girls.

We are really looking forward to half term!!

Friday 15th October

This week in Maths we have been adding 4 digit numbers and showing that we are amazing at exchanging, more than once! We are amzing mathmaticians.

In PE we have learned some more football skills, passing and playing football piggy in the middle. A few of us even had our own game. 

In Geography we looked at the water cycle and we really enjoyed learning about the types of clouds. 

Mrs Prior and Mrs Coleman are really proud of us for our super learning behaviours this week!

 Friday 8th October

This week we have been learning all about Walter Tull as part of our Black History Month. Walter Tull started his life as a footballer and also went to war in the army. He was the first black footballer to play in top division football. Unfortunately he experienced racist abuse at the hands of the fans and we discussed how this should have been dealt with. 

In Geography we learnt about the water cycle. We were lucky enough for it to rain just as we were talking about it!!


Friday 1st October

This week has been our first week leaerning to play the Violin. Mr Stelios taught us how to hold the violin and pluck the 'D' string. We enjoyed listening to Mr  Stelios playing his violin beautifully. 

We also finished our Leon and Bob story. We did some fantastic writng about the ending of the story. We were so pleased Leon found a real friend to play with.

In geography this week we have learnt about dams and how they are used in rivers.

Friday 24th September

This week we have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning. We pretended to be particles of solids liquids and gases. We took part in National Fitness Day, seeing how many different activities we could do in a minute. We did jumping jacks, lunges, pretended to scuba dive and even star jumps.

In English we have continued to learn about Leon and Bob and we wrote a letter to Leon's dad telling him how much we missed him.

We have also been practcing our Fantastic walking alot this week. We are very good at it!

Friday 17th September

What a week we have had in Bolt Class!! 

The children have shown their rescilence and resourcefulness switching from class learning to remote learning this week and it has been such a pleasure to see everyone's happy smiley faces and to meet everyone's pets (virtually or course!).

All the adults in Bolt Class would like to say a big Well Done to the children this week for keeping smiling and showing their superb attitude to their learning as well as adapting so quickly to the changes they have faced. 

We can't wait to see what next week will bring!

Friday 10th September

We have really enjoyed coming back to school this week. In Maths we have been playing Times Tables games and learning about place value. In English we have started to read a book called Leon and Bob – it is about a boy who has moved house a lot because his dad is in the army. He is feeling lonely and we thought of some ways to cheer him up! We have also been reading Bill’s New Frock – this is a story about a boy who wakes up and finds he is a girl and has to wear a pink dress to school!

We have been very busy learning this week and we can’t wait for next week!

Brownlees Class Blog

This week we have learnt how to subtract with exchange and we’re really good at it! We have discovered the features of a Haiku and have written some really good ones about Autumn. We designed a poster all about Walter Tull and we made some amazing times in athletics as well as achieving some super distances in long jump, five strides, javelin throwing and high jump. We can play the Big Ben song on our violin and we now know the strings – G D A and E. We’ve had a Brownlees Treasure Hunt and we’ve played a lot of fun games as it’s time to celebrate the end of a very busy but very rewarding term of fantastic learning.

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