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Welcome to Year 4

Schumann Class

Schumann picture

Class Teacher: Ms M  Davies

Teaching Assistants: Ms Dewi Watson and Mrs Karen Gallyer-Barnett

Teaching student: Miss J Jackson

Von Bingen Class

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Class Teacher: Miss Irons

Teaching Assistant: Mr Smith

Schumann Class Blog

Friday 10th May

We are getting ready for Kingswood which is next week... part of our homelearning is to practise making a bed!

This week we investigated conductors and insulators in Science, money, change and decimal multiplication and division in maths. We are really enjoying findin out about the Iron Man - and have been making leaflets about how to trap him. In History we have been trying to answer our research questions about the Anglo Saxons and in RE we are finding out about what Hindus believe.  Have a look at the fabulous leaflets we made about staying safe around electricity.  THank you Alfie, Kyra and Amy.

Yesterday we made a 3D paper head for the Iron Man and used the Crumble kits to make his eyes light up - some of us managed to make the eyes change colour too.  We learned some key voacabulary for computing - "Daisy chaining" when you join all the sparkles together.

Oh and yes we are making great efforts in school every morning to learn our times tables fluently.

Get better soon Evie! We miss you in class crying


Von Bingen Class Blog

Friday 10th May 2019

Next week we are going to Kingswood. We can't wait to go! surprise

In English, we have been writing about how to make an Iron Man trap. We drew pictures of our traps and wrote how to make them. We also added some reviews.

Yesterday we made paper Iron Man heads so that we could add colour changing eyes using the crumbles and sparkles. It was quite fiddly. yes

In Science, we have been learning about conductors and insulators. We tested lots of different materials to see if they conducted electricity. We were surprised that the metal chair legs didn't conduct electricity until we realised that they have paint on them. smiley

It has been raining a lot this week. We hope it is sunny for Kingswood! cool

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