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Welcome to Year 4

Bolt Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Prior & Mrs Coleman

Teaching  Assistants: Mrs Watson, Miss Ball, Mr Ackah and Miss Davies

Brownlees Class

Class Teachers: Miss Knowler

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hicks & Miss Green

Bolt Class Blog

Friday 4th February

Today we went to Whitstable for our second swimming lesson. We really enjoyed riding on  the top of the bus on the way there and back!! We are super swimmers and we are all really confident in the water. We can't wait for our next lesson!!

In Science we learnt about our intestines. We used tights and weetabix to show how the body absorbs all the goodness from our food and gets rid of the things it doesn't need. It got a bit messy!

Friday 21st January 2022

We have had another super week this week.

In Science we chewed crackers and learnt about how our oesophagus works.

We learnt some new skills in Uni-hoc and we have continued our learning about Ernest Shakleton and his endevour to cross the South Pole.

We have been practicing our class assembly. We can't wait to show you!!

Friday 7th January 2022

We are happy to be back at school and seeing all our friends again!

This week in Science we have been learning about our teeth. We bit into apples to see our teeth marks and we tried to chew with just our front teeth. We found out that our teeth all have special names and funtions to help us chew our food.

This term we are turning our attention to the ANTARCTIC and looking at the people who tried to cross it. The Antarctic is coldest, windiest and driest place on earth!!

Brownlees Class Blog

Friday 20th May

Throughout this week, we were writing an alternative ending for the Iron Man. We thought of many different challenges that could have taken place such as who could eat the hotest chilli pepper, who could hold their breath the longest and who would win in a staring contest. It was lots of fun!

In Maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. We are doing really well with this! Ask us to tell the time at home, we will show you what we have learnt. 

Finally, this week we have been practising our class assembly (ready for next Wednesday). We can't wat to show you!

Friday 13th May

We have had lots of fun in the sunshine this week! 

In PE we have been praticising our athletics skills, including running and jumping. Not only this, but we have been continuing to play Boccia, which is great fun.

In Maths we have been learning about money, it has been tricky but we have been resilient and managed to tackle lots of challenges. We have also been practising our times tables. We are getting better every day!

This week we have been reading the Iron Man. We wrote a newspaper report about the space-bat-dragon-angel. This beast was bigger than Australia! The beast demanded food and said if he didn't get this in a week e would eat the whole of Australia. 

Lexi has enjoyed learning about circuits this week. The last session we did, we were testing circuits to test if they work and reasoning about why they don't work and seeing if we could fix them. We are excited to learn more next week.

Friday 6th May

In Science this term we have been exploring electricity. We have really enjoyed making and testing different circuits. We have been able to power lightbulbs and buzzers and also problem solve if they don't work.

We have been using our resilience when continuing our learning about decimals in Maths as we have been tackling tricky problems. It has been fun and we have been able to apply this to our learning of money too! 

Finally, as our swimming has come to an end we have been learning how to play Boccia. It is a really fun sport and we can't wait to play again next week! 

Friday 22nd April

We have enjoyed our first week back. It was great to see our friends again and tell them all about our Easter.

In writing this week, we have been looking at the Iron Man, we came up with some incredible adjectives and similies. Some of the adjectives we thought of were colossal, monumental and metallic. Aren't they great?

In PSHE, we thought about our Zones of Regulation. We had lots of fun looking at different Disney characters and how they fitted into each zone. We then thought of some tools to help us when we are in each zone. 

Friday 11th March

This week we found out some amazing news! We read an article about The Endurance which has been found 107 years after it sank. Even though it has been sitting in 3km (10,000ft) of water for over a century, it looks just like it did on the November day it went down!

We have also been learning about food webs in our Science lessons. We created food webs from five different habitats.

In DT we have been learning about levers and linkages to create an easter card with moving parts. We have really enjoyed looking at existing products and thinking about how we can make our design sucessful. We can't wait to make the final product next week! 

Friday 25th February

We had a great first week back!

This term we are focusing on a new book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We have enjoyed this text so far and wrote some lovely character descriptions about Mr Tumnus.

In PE, we have had our swimming lesson which was lots of fun, we even went on a posh coach this week. We also took part in a cross country run and got lots of points for our houses. 

Finally, in Science this term we are learning about food chains and have developed our use of key vocabulary such as predators and prey. 

Friday 21st January 2022

So far this term, we have really been enjoying learning about teeth and the digestive system! This week we were learning about the start of the digestive system and how food moves through our digestive system. We tried some water biscuits and noticed how our syliva and enzymes break down our food and make it taste sweeter.

We also enjoyed developing our understanding of multiplication. "I had lots of fun figuring out the missing numbers of our calculations" Eliska. We also used our times tables facts to answer questions.

In English this week, we became a member of Shackleton's crew and wrote a diary entry from when we were stuck in the ice. "We had been stuck for nine months before we abandoned our precious, wooden ship." Hannah.

Friday 14th January 2022

Another super week in Brownlees class! 

In English, we have been learning about Shackleton's ship, called the Endurance. Our favourite fact was that it was called the Enduance because of Shackleton's family motto 'by enduance we conquer'.  Also, we couldn't believe it weighed 300 tons!

We had lots of fun in Science continuing our learning about teeth. We used marshmallows to create the different types of teeth by cutting them into different shapes and sticking them to card.

Finally, another lesson we enjoyed this week was Spanish. We were using our knowledge of colours and animals to write accurate sentences to describe animals. Here is an example 'tengo un perro negro y blanco', which means I have a black and white dog.

Friday 7th January 2022

We are very excited to be back in school with our friends and sharing all of the things we did over the Christmas break!

In Science, we used apples to look at the imprints of our teeth and then designed posters to explain the different functions of the teeth. It was really interesting learning about the different functions of each tooth and how they help us eat.

Finally, we have been expanding our knowledge of explorers by learning about Ernest Shackleton. We wrote him a letter to ask him if we could join the expedition, we hope he lets us!

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