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Welcome to Year 4

Cherry Blossom Class

Cherry Blossom

Class Teacher: Ms M  Davies

Super, Amazing, awesome Teaching  Assistant: Mrs Epps

Magnolia Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Jones and Mrs Prior

Teaching Assistant: Miss Nichol


Cherry Blossom Class Blog

smileyWednesday 1st April 2020

Thank you Cherry Blossoms for working so hard over the past two weeks - keeping up with all the activities as best you can and practising your times tables. Virtual high fives, raffle tickets and prizes from the star box.

Your powerpoints with hyperlinks have been excellent and I've tried to share as many as I could. Also super Spring themed poems, a fabulous Robot model from Callum and an excellent commentary about his lego rollercoaster from Selim. I'm sure we are all wishing Minwoo well as he leaves Canterbury with his family.  Have a safe journey, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  Enjoy your break from studies, but try to keep reading!  Stay safe and healthy everyone.   HAPPY EASTER!

Best wishes MS Davies and Mrs Epps. xxx

Friday 20th March 2020

Our last day of "normal" schooling for a while... But we are looking forward to being RESPONSIBLE and RESOURCEFUL over the coming weeks.  Today we have finally watched the film of the book we have been studying in English - "The Lion, The Witch and THe Wardrobe." Excellent.

Yesterday we made Easter baskets by weaving with paper - a real challenge but we were all glad that we made a huge effort with them as today Mrs Epps gave us gorgeous knitted chicks to go in them, plus a chocolate egg from our teacher.

The past few weeks have been very busy indeed -  making teeth models our of Model Magic in Science, plus an"interesting" digestion experiment with a plastic bag, crackers and cola.  In Maths we have been working unbelievably hard on mastering our tables - now there are usually at least 15 of us on the Recognition board and Alfie, Ella, Minwoo, Farah and Penelope are often in the Hall of Fame book too! Well done.

Lookout for a lovely surprise on Sunday mummies... we hope you like them.

We are hoping that everyone stays well in the coming weeks, looks after each other and helps out at home.  Cherry Blossom class will miss its lively inhabitants - but hopefully we'll be back soon....

Meanwhile we hope you like looking at our displays....

Best wishes from us all xxxxxx

Magnolia Class Blog

Friday, 13th March 2020

Hi peeps, and welcome back to another week's worth of blogging with the best class ever - Magnolia!!!! cool - Theo

In Games, we did a short lesson of hockey but the best part was.... we checked out our new Adventure Trail right outside our classroom!  - Jonas

This week, we have been working on a very top secret mission for our mummas.... Shhhhhhhhh !  - Jolie

In English, we have been learning about the wonderful story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. - Abigail

We got to eat turkish delight and it was scrumptious. Everyone loved it except for Jay who thought it was DISGUSTING! - Gabrysia

I agree with Jay, the turkish delight was horrible! - Madeline

Pulling our brains into gear, we started to learn about decimals in Maths. - Suhasini

Today, we are celebrating Sport Relief with our pals. - Grace

I can't wait to do dance and do a big run to raise money for less fortunate peeps. - Kez

We also have sold out of our class' special Sport Relief wrist bands. - Eneo

Today, we are doing computing with an extra fun lesson about hyperlinks. - Alex

Hyperlinks are so cool. - Kez

I think it's time we get on with our learning. - Caleb


Love Magnolia Class XXX

PS. We can't wait for our little, wriggly friends to arrive! 

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