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Welcome to Year 3

Grey-Thompson Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Lewis 

Teaching Assistants: Miss Perry

Freeman Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Gough

Teaching Assistants: Mr Smith & Mrs Gozalo

Grey-Thompson Class Blog

Friday 21st January 2022

This week has been exciting and amazing. We really enjoyed completing our home learning about fossils and they have created a great display in our classroom!

We have finished our diary based on the Stone Age Boy and look forward to presenting it and creating a display. We might even ask Mr Rowden to officially open our display (we are going to get a red ribbon).

In Art we have created a wash and a silhouette of Stonehenge. We will share pictures of our brilliant work soon.

When possible, we have learnt outside and we have been active in our classroom. It was good to do this because we like changing things up! We even went and dug soil in the garden and discovered that there are different types of soil, we can't wait to find out more.

Come back next week to see pictures of our display. 


Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year!

This week we have started learning about the Stone Age. We are reading a book called the Stone Age boy and we have discovered that Stone Age people used flint as tools to create things. They would even use animal skins to make their clothes!

In Maths, we have been learning our 8 times tables. It was tricky at the beginning but it is getting easier! We are using songs to help us remember our multiplication facts.

In PE we have been learning how to do gymnastics. We have explored different holds and soon we will be amazing!

Excitedly, we have started to learn the recorder during our Music lessons. We can all play a song called bouncing ball already!

Ruby finds a Worry is a book that we have been exploring in PSHE to learn about different ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

We are feeling pumped and excited to be back at school however, it has been a busy week and we are very tired and looking forward to a rest this weekend (although some of us are playing lots of football so might it get much rest!).

Thanks to Mara, Rupert, Noah P, Ellen & Isabella for working together to create our class blog this week.

Previous Blogs

It has been a great pleasure to be back at school. We have missed one another and have been having lots of fun getting to know our new class! We are very tired now because we have been working hard to settle into our routines, and our learning.

We have been enjoying making our classroom our own. We have created a sea life book corner with orcas, turtles, crabs, sharks and jellyfish (you’ll never guess what we made them out of) and our new class mascot, Squidney, has arrived to join Ollie our octopus. We are loving our English learning because we are studying Treasure Island and we are excited to see what happens next!

There have been lots of new things to learn and we have been learning about the place value of 3 digit numbers in Maths.

The week has been fun and exciting and it has been great for school to feel a little more normal again. 

Freeman Class Blog

This week we have been looking at the different ways data is represented. We have interpreted tally charts and pictograms. We had great success with using our home learning data from the ‘Big Bird Watch’ to collate information about the different birds that have been visiting our gardens. Some of us made bird feeders too.

In Spanish we also collected information through a survey, as we were asking one another about our birthdays and ages pretending to have different names, which was fun.

In English, we have loved meeting a cuddly woolly mammoth who needs a wash. We have been exploring adverbs and bossy verbs when following instructions.

In Science we have investigating many types of soils and studying the particles with hand lenses.

Today we started to make a woolly mammoth from a milk carton- we can’t wait to show you them.


Thursday 10th February 2022

This week we have really enjoyed making a woolly mammoth out of a milk carton. They have turned out brilliantly! We have written instructions of how to wash a woolly mammoth using connectives and bossy verbs to make sure our step by step guides are clear to the reader.

In music we have reherased 3 notes on the recorder and are starting to sound a bit better!

In Maths our data collection and interpretation has continued and we have explored bar charts and tables. 

Mrs Gozalo played eye spy with us in Spanish all about animals.

We all loved being Stone Age designers for our home learning, the things we designed and made turned out really well. Related to this in History we discussed treats and assets to the survival of stone age people.

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