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Welcome to Year 3

Willow Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Martin and Ms Anderson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blackshaw

Monkey Puzzle Class

Monkey Puzzle

Class Teacher: Miss Bodle

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gozalo and Mrs Gallyer-Barnett

Willow Class Blog

This week we have had blocked science lessons which means we have had two full afternons learning all about rocks! We sorted them into groups according to the type of rock they are eg igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We learnt about how each type of rock is formed. We also tested some rocks to see which was the hardest.

We have been really enjoying our new book in English.... The Polar Express! We have been thinking very hard about using similies and also how the the main character feels as the train approaches. We discussed if he should get on the train not not....

Also we have been reading the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. Max the hedgehog was intrigued to find out how and why humans can cross the road safely but for hedgehogs it is a life or death adventure. Hedgehogs do not have an easy life!

Maths has been all about learning our 3 times tables. We feel pretty confident now and can sing some songs to help us remember.

Look out for our beautfiul poppies as you pass school next week. 


Monkey Puzzle Class Blog

Our week in year 3 has been exciting because we’ve been learning all about the Polar Express in English. We have been describing it in AAN- That’s an expanded noun phrase or ‘adjective, adjective, noun!’ to make our writing interesting. We have also been magpieing description from then text and coming up with our own ideas too!

In Maths, we have practised our three times tables and learnt a new song about it. The teachers that have heard it have commented that it is excellent. We’ve continued our work on adding and subtracting and are getting pretty confident with them.

We’ve also had a pretty exciting Science topic- it’s rocks! We learned the names of the rocks and how they were formed. We investigated which rocks were hard and which rocks were soft. Some of us were surprised by the results.

We are excited to display our poppies for Armistice day. We painted cake cases red and put black tissue paper in the centre. We also made remembrance stones by painting them and drawing a poppy pattern on them in thick, black pen. We think they look very pretty and perfect to help the community remember.​

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