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Welcome to Year 3

Willow Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Martin 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blackshaw and Mr Smith

Monkey Puzzle Class

Monkey Puzzle

Class Teacher: Miss Bodle

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gozalo and Mrs Gallyer-Barnett

Willow Class Blog

Friday 28th February

After our short half term break we have been busy in Willow Class!

In English we have been learning about Fables. A Fable is a short story with a moral or a life lesson. We are going to have a go at writing our own fables next week.

In Maths we have looked at pictograms and bar charts. We have made our own and had a go at interpeting some as well.

Responsibilty is our core value this term. We have been thinking about what this means and are trying to be more responsible for our class room and the recycling in it this week.

In Science we are learning about bodies, skeletons and muscles. 

Friday 14th February

We have had a busy two weeks! 

In art we drew observational sketches of a woolly mammoth using pencils. As they are now extinct, Mrs Martin found lots of interesting paintings and iconic pictures for us to copy carefully. We were all very pleased with the results of our work.  

In DT we made stewed fruit because it was something that Stone Age people might have eaten. We got into groups and decided which fruits we woud like to try. We then chopped the fruit, added agave syrup and berries and put it in the slow cooker for about 4 hours. The results were  mixed! Some people thought it was delicious but others didnt like it at all. Of course, in Stone Age times, they wouldn't have used an electric slow cooker. They would have cooked the fruits slowly on an open fire in a leather bag and crushed it up with a stone. 

We enjoyed reading and reciting at poem about a stone age hunter. We might perform it for you one day soon!

In PE we continued with our football skills.We have strong female and male football players in the class who are keen and able to demonstrate good tactics in the game.

Mrs Martin and Miss Anderson really enjoyed seeing all the grown ups at parents evening. We feel like very lucky to have such a wonderful group of children in our class. Keep up the hard work WIllow Class!


Friday 31st January 2020

In maths we have been learning about division and remainders. 65 divided by 5 equals 13. It does not have a remainder but 34 divided 8 equals 4 has a remainder of 2. 

We started a new book in English called 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth.' Some of the steps included using a big trampoline to get a woolly mammoth out of a tree if you got soap in it's eyes. 

In history we used graphite pencils to sketch our own Stone Age picture in the style of  a cave painting. We sketched a hunt scene with a cave person killing an animal with a sphere. 

We enjoyed learning about Cath Kidston and her designs on Thursday. We looked at examples of her work that we had brought in and then we used these for ideas and designed our own print. These are now displayed in the hall.

Another busy week for Willow Class!

Friday 24th January 2020

In maths this week we have learnt how to solve short multiplication questions. We are getting the hang of it but will keep practising. 

In English, we spent the week planning and writing our final diary entry to our Stone Age Boy book. We have ejoyed reading this story because we found the story fascinating and it really captured our imagination. 

In history we went on a muddy walk around the field looking for thigs that would help us to survive if we were Stone Age people and in computing we are working on creating a powerpoint about Stone Age times. We will continue this next week. 

In science, we poured water onto different soils and observed what happened after different periods of time. After 24 hours, the clay soil went hard and sticky.

All in all it was a busy week of learning!

In RE we continued to learn about Islam, inparticular, the importance of the Qaran. Two Mummies kindly came in and spoke to us about many aspects of their faith. We realised that there was alot of similarities with other religions. 



Friday 17th January 2020

Our first recorder lesson was great fun! We learnt how to hold the recorder and blow a steady stream of air. We also learnt how to use tounging when we play. We learnt how to play B and played Buzzy Bee. Today we will play A.

In maths we have been learning how to do long multiplicatation using the formal method and expanded method. If you ask us, we will show you what these methods are!

In English we have been continuing with our Stone Age diary. We learnt about how they made fire and clothes before their were matches and shops!

Yesterday, Cathy from the NSPCC came in to talk to us about the work they do and how we can keep safe. She told us about Ciildline and how it is there to help children who feel sad or worried. The school council haveworked with Cathy to plan a fundraising activity. The information is in our bookbags.

In RE we thought about what nature give us and how people that have a faith might thank God for it. We walked around the field and noticed all the wonderful things in nature. We thought about how we can llive thankfully.



Friday 10th January 2020


Happy New Year  to you all! This week has been a very busy one!

We started our new topic of The Stone Age Boy. It is a book by Satoshi Kitamura. A boy fell into a big hole as he walking in the woods..... he finds himself in the Stone Age times. We have compared our lives today with those of Stone Age people and we will continue to do this all term. 

In maths we have learnt long multiplication. Some of us found it hard and some of us found it easy. We will persevere and show resiliance when things get tough! 

Resilliance is our new Key Word. It means that we never give up, even when things are hard. We will keep trying until we understand. If things were always easy, we would never learn anything. 

We enjoyed learning football and gymnastics and learning the recorder on a Friday afternoon. 

In RE we learnt about the 99 names for Allah in the Muslim faith. We are very lucky to have 2 friends in our class that can tell us everything we want to know!

It is going to be a busy but fun term!


Friday 13th December

This week in Willow Class, our learning has been rather Christmassy, which has been great!

To our delight, in Art we made Christmas Cards. We cut and folded and stuck circles onto card to create a 3D Russian doll. They look lovely and cool.

In English we have practised a poem and performed to the Year 2s. They gave us a big round of applause and we were really happy with that.

In Maths we have been learning about our 8 time tables and our corresponding division facts. We used a fun song to learn the 8 times tables and then played a 8 times tables multiples game, which was really fun and got us started with our 8 times table journey.

For Geography we are learning about Russia and were excited to make Russian Dolls. Did you know that Russia is the biggest country in the world and has 10 different time-zones!

We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers for Save the Children and hope we make lots of money to help other children.


Friday 22nd November

This week we have been starting a new topic.... RUSSIA! We have learnt that it is the largest country in the world, there are over 144 million people lving in Russia and it has 4 biomes. It has Tundra, Polor Desert, Coniferous forest and grasslands. We worked in partners and got together facts on a sheet and created a fact file in our books. We are continuing with this topic until Christmas.

We have continued to work on Polar Express and have planned and wwritten part of our own version. We have tried to include similies, a.a.n phrase, adverbs and adjectives. We will finish these next week.

In maths we have moved onto our 4 times table, learning our multiplication an division facts. We will try to know all of them off by heart this term. Why not text us at home?

Some of us got special certificates in our Sport Assembly. We are very proud of them.

Monkey Puzzle Class Blog

Our week in year 3 has been exciting because we’ve been learning all about the Polar Express in English. We have been describing it in AAN- That’s an expanded noun phrase or ‘adjective, adjective, noun!’ to make our writing interesting. We have also been magpieing description from then text and coming up with our own ideas too!

In Maths, we have practised our three times tables and learnt a new song about it. The teachers that have heard it have commented that it is excellent. We’ve continued our work on adding and subtracting and are getting pretty confident with them.

We’ve also had a pretty exciting Science topic- it’s rocks! We learned the names of the rocks and how they were formed. We investigated which rocks were hard and which rocks were soft. Some of us were surprised by the results.

We are excited to display our poppies for Armistice day. We painted cake cases red and put black tissue paper in the centre. We also made remembrance stones by painting them and drawing a poppy pattern on them in thick, black pen. We think they look very pretty and perfect to help the community remember.​

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