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Welcome to Year 2

Beach Class

Beach picture

Class Teacher: Mrs Gough 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ahmad 

Bear Class

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Class Teachers: Miss Lewis-Anthony

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Nelson 

Beach Class Blog

Beach Class have had a jam packed week full of fire dragon and snow dragon learning. We have explored the story  'The Snow Dragon' and learned about the different types of dragon that you can find. We wondered which one had visited the school last week. Some of us thought it was a fire dragon because it had left burned fiery marks all over the place, but some of us thought it was a snow dragon, as it seemed to be kind and friendly and not at all dangerous. We wrote a smashing book review about 'The Snow Dragon' and hope you will be inspired to read it!

In Geography we have been learning about explorers. We enjoyed thinking about how they felt going to strange new places. We compared Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong’s missions and discussed which we would prefer to go on. Some of us would like to sail the seas like Columbus while others would like to travel to the moon. A few of us thought we’d actually prefer to stay safe at home as they sounded a little scary at times! Which do you think you’d prefer and why?

In PE we played a tactical game called Charlie. We found it really fun and would like to play it again.

In PSHE we learned about eating healthy. To be healthy we should eat and sleep well, exercise and be positive.   ​

Bear Class Blog

On Tuesday we had our Infant Sports Morning. It was super fun and challenging. Miss Cameron led us through a warm up which was so much fun, we love dancing!  

We have also welcomed some new friends into our class who will be with us in Year 3. It was so exciting to meet them.

This was a very busy week - on Wednesday we went all the way to Quex Park. We loved going on a big, fancy coach. It was so posh! At the park we saw lots of stuffed animals which was very interesting. We even got to see some extinct animals! It was so exciting when we got to touch animal skin. The zebra skin felt rough, the leopard felt silky and soft, and the snake skin felt scaley and smooth.

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