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Welcome to Year 1

Debussy Class

Debussy picture1

Class Teacher: Mrs Martin & Mrs Metivier

Mrs Whiteside (On Maternity Leave)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Cameron

Vivaldi Class

Vivaldi picture

Class Teachers: Miss Davies and Miss Bokth

Teaching Assistants: Miss Davies

Debussy Class Blog

This week Debussey Class has been learning about subtraction (taking away). We used numberlines to subtract from our big ‘teens’ numbers. It was very fun and we are getting good at it.

We have been learning how to type using a keyboard. We have been using the Homerow and find some of it challenging– the semi colon is particularly hard to reach!

This week we two real treats. The Year 4s performed a play for us about Romans. We learned a song about how to be a Roman! We We also saw the Year 5 production– Fleece! We really enjoyed when they went on their boat and sang an oar song! One of us said the play was, “Really good, 5 stars out of 5!”

Vivaldi Class Blog

This week Vivaldi Class have been learning how to subtract by using number stories. We used counters and worked with our tens and ones.

In English we have been learning about the story Dogger. It is about a boy who lost his toy dog. We're even writing our own 'lost toy' story.

We had a wonderful play to watch by the Year 4's and a wonderful production by the Year 5's. It was amazing! We loved it! 


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