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Welcome to Year 1

Hawthorn Class Blog

We have been very excited this week. We have worked so hard to finish our non-fiction books about toys. We have also worked very hard to build our very own class toy museum. Today was the grand opening! When the day finally came we screamed with delight! Mr Rowden came down to cut the ribbon. We also shared all of our wonderful learning about toys with him.  

Some of us designed and made Jack in the Boxes to share. The marble team showed Mr Rowden the rules of marbles. He even had a go himself. A group of children shared their non-fiction books. Some of us did some drawings to share and the rest were greeters and museum guides. It was lots of fun!

In our Maths learning we have been doing addition and subtraction. We have had to work hard to make sure we use the right method for each.We also had to work out how to find the difference.

Hazel Blog

In English, We have been learning about dollies and we were looking at the different materials they were made out of. We loved learning that dolls are over one thousand years old. We also got to bring in our own teddies from home. We loved talking to our friends about our teddies and we wrote down information sentences about our toys. We learnt that teddy bears were first made in 1903 by Teddy Roosevelt and they even had wood shavings inside them.


In math, we have been learning addition. We got to write our number sentences and we use counters and number lines to find the answer.


In the afternoons we have started our Art lessons. We have looked at the artist Andy Warhol and his pop art.  We drew pictures based on pop art by drawing round our hands and painting them in bright colours.‚Äč



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