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Welcome to EYFS

Sherman Class

Sherman picture

Class Teacher: Mrs Hollingworth and Mrs Oliver

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blackshaw

Menken Class

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Class Teacher: Miss Vasquez

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ansell

Sherman Class Blog

We made three wormeries this week! We used soil and sand to make layers and we put water on them for the worms! Some of the worms have been busy making trails through our layers, and we know this because they are changing!

We used our Farmyard Friends books to learn about sheep and pigs. "Pigs have curly tails" and "Little sheep are called lambs." We tried to visit the lambs in Blean this week but our trip was spoiled by lots of rain! We hope to go soon!










Menken Class Blog

This week we have been growing sunflowers and peas. We made our own seed packets using the computer. We were going to the farm last week but it was raining so we stayed in school. We have been learning about numbers and patterns with our sharing investigations. We shared out blocks to our farm animals. We used the computers to draw some pictures of ducks from our story 'Farmer Duck. '

At the end of this week we will be enjoying our Disco. 


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