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Class Teacher: Mrs Hollingworth

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Class Teacher: Miss Vasquez

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ansell, Mrs Barnes and Miss Blackett

New Zealand Class Blog

15th June 2018

This week New Zealand and Colombia Class have smelt, touched and tasted the exotic fruit from the story ‘Handa’ Surprise!’ The children described the seven delicious fruits in their artwork and writing, and the passionfruit was voted to be the tastiest, despite it’s unusual appearance! We have transformed Fiji Classroom into Handa’s village, and have enjoyed exploring African textiles, instruments and traditions. We have built a pretend wooden fire, and have been using natural materials to role-play cooking for each other. Next week we will be exploring the story ‘Anna Hisbiscus’ Song’, please return to the blog to find out more!

22nd June 2018

We have enjoyed a wonderful week of sunshine and song as we have explored the story ‘Anna Hibiscus’ Song’. This story is set in “Amazing Africa” and we have explored the similarities and differences to ‘Handa’s Surprise’. In this story Anna is bursting with happiness and she plays with her family, and looks for ways to express her happiness before writing and singing a song. We learnt Anna’s song and expressed how we feel with body percussion and instruments. The Year 6 children joined us for a variety of sports activities yesterday, as group leaders and models of the different athletic challenges. We participated in activities that involved speed bounces, long jumps, bean bag throws, shuttle runs, and scoring goals with big smiles on our faces!

29th June 2018
This week we have been inspired by the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and have had fantastic ideas for linking movement to music! We have built a theatre role-play area with a stage, colourful and shiny materials to make costumes with and tickets to sell our performances to our friends. The story is about Gerald who is a giraffe that has difficulty dancing the waltz, the tango and the cha-cha like the other jungle animals but who finds she is great at dancing to a cricket’s violin! We spoke about what we are good at and enjoy doing and have started to prepare a talent to share for our Home Learning and the upcoming whole-school talent show. Some of us have planned to dance, sing, to tell jokes, to demonstrate football or martial arts skills and to bring in finished paintings we have worked on at home. How exciting! We have all made excellent progress in our writing this year and our ‘I am good at…I need…’ sentences are hanging proudly in our classroom.

Colombia Class Blog

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