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Hugh S

Hugh Samuelson - Chair of Governors - Local Authority Governor

I am pleased to take on the role of Chair after being having been a Governor for 14 years. 
By day, I am a manager for a Building Society: by night – dad to two children! 
Whilst my children were at Blean, I got to know the school and staff very well, fully appreciating what a great job they do but understanding the challenges that we face. 

Being a member of the Governing Body is a role that I enjoy a great deal: the most important part is working with the School and Governors to ensure continuous improvement for everyone. It is our responsibility to help and support the school by working towards implementing the School Improvement Plan. 

I am also a local Parish Councillor on Blean Parish Council – this enables me to ensure that the school is well represented in the local community. 

If you wish to contact me as Chair of a Governors, please use the email: cog@blean.kent.sch.uk 

Gina Donaldson - Co-Vice Chair – Co-opted Governor

I am very pleased to be a co-opted governor for Blean Primary School.

I began as a Parent Governor in 2009 when my son James was at the school. I was a primary teacher for eleven years, including some years teaching at Blean, and am now a lecturer in primary education at Canterbury Christ Church University.

I specialise in the teaching of primary mathematics which is my main subject at Christ Church University. My doctoral research focused on primary mathematics and I try to support the staff at Blean in their teaching of maths as much as I can. I also sit on the  Resources committee.  

I am looking forward to continuing the work of the Governing Body in supporting the school. 

Nina Hunt new

Nina Hunt – Co - Vice Chair - Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor at Blean for 3 years and am looking forward to supporting the Chair of Governors as Co Vice Chair. 

I have two children at Blean Primary and I am passionate about supporting the school, ensuring continuous improvement across all areas. 

I am the Business and International Director for The King’s School and prior to joining King's was the Operations Director for a Tech company in the UK and South Africa.  I am glad to put this experience to constructive use on the resource committee and be part of the positive and supportive environment the school provides to its pupils.

Enyi Oji - Co-Opted Governor

I'm a Sponsor for railway projects - making sure they are properly managed and deliver what they promise! 

I've worked for Network Rail for fourteen years.  I spent the first nine years as a signaller controlling trains. I then spent a year at Kings Cross station where I helped to look after the safety and welfare of passengers. I then spent two years coordinating projects to reduce train delays.

Prior to joining the railway I worked in the IT industry developing, testing and selling software and applications. 

I'm looking forward to learning about the school and to working with the Governing Body and everyone at the school to achieve the school's ambitions.


Alex Harvey – Parent Governor

Alex Harvey crop

I am a parent of two children at Blean School, my eldest having joined
in 2012. After studying Ecological Science at University, I enjoyed a
career in Financial Services followed by a career break to look after
my children. I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my return to
work with a return to science.  I work as a Laboratory Technician in
the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church
University and also volunteer as a STEM (Science Technology
Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador. I am passionate about giving
children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to engage with
science and the natural world. As a recently appointed Parent
Governor, and a member of the Learning and Development Committee, I
look forward to helping the team at Blean Primary School to provide a
happy, engaging and effective learning environment for our children.

I am a parent Governor with one child at Blean Primary School, and my goal while a Parent Governor is to contribute towards the high esteem that the School currently holds. 

For several years I was the vice chair of Blean governing body with the responsibility for chairing the Learning and Development Committee.  This year, for the sake of renewal, I stand down from the post giving opportunity to other members of the governing body to flourish in this important role whose responsibility is to look at the school achievement and progression data.

I look forward to supporting the Chair of Governors, the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher over the course of the year.

Rogerio de Lemos - Parent Governor


Andrew Martin - Parent Governor

Andrew martin(1)

I am delighted to join the Governing Body at Blean Primary School as a parent governor.

With two children currently at the school and another having recently moved on to secondary education I have come to know the school well and have been fortunate to be involved in a number areas in a voluntary capacity over the past few years.

I have worked in Education for 20 years more recently as a Senior Leader before moving in to an Advisory role.  I am now a Director of a National charity (KICK), who seek to reach under privileged children through education, mentoring and chaplaincy and are currently working with +20,000 school children a week.

I look forward to building on all the outstanding work that has already taken place at Blean and am committed to supporting the school in both a strategic and practical way.

Having previously been a member of the Blean teaching staff (2016-2019) and leading the school’s Music Department, I am very excited to return to Blean Primary School as a Governor.  

I am currently working as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Department for Education, supporting the Behaviour, Attendance, Exclusions and Alternative Provision division (BAEA) and have had previous experience working for the Permanent Secretary of Education. I am extremely passionate about ensuring all children have access to a well-rounded and engaging curriculum.

I look forward to using my experience and knowledge of Education to support the Governing Body and all staff of this wonderful school. 

Alice Vane - Co - Opted Governor

Alice Vane

We are a group of volunteers committed to ensuring that we fulfil the role of the governing body in:

·       Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school

·       Holding senior leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

·       Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

In order to fulfil these roles, we meet as a full governing body at least four times a year. The following Governor meetings are scheduled to take place. If you should wish to view the minutes these will be available from the school office after the following meeting date where these are signed off. 

We also have two sub committees

Learning and Development Committee

This committee oversees a scrutiny of school performance and progress data and the curriculum.

The committee includes:

  • Rogerio De Lemos
  • Alex Harvey
  • Kristen Weiss

The Resources Committee

This committee oversees the premises action plan and the budget.

The committee includes:

  • ​Nina Hunt
  • Enyi Oji
  • Hugh Samuelson
  • Gina Donaldson

In addition to these, we allocate specific roles to governor pairs or small groups. These governors monitor a specific aspect of the school and then report back to full governing body meetings.  

Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Kristen Weiss
  • Gina Donaldson

Children with SEND and vulnerable children

  • Rogerio De Lemos
  • Enyi Oji

Health and Safety

  • Hugh Samuelson
  • Alex Harvey

PE, Behaviour, attitudes and personal development

  • Nina Hunt

Governor Training and Development

  • Enyi Oji

Governors declare any business and financial interests, any material interests arising from relationships between governors and between governors and staff, and any governance roles in any other educational institutions. These are listed below.

Gina Donaldson: Member of the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.

 Kristen Weiss: Member of the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Governor Interests

Governing Body: Blean Primary School


Governor Type

Date of Appointment

Appointment expires

Gina Donaldson


September 2018

September 2022

Rogerio de Lemos


July 2019

July 2023

Andrew Martin


December 2021

 December 2025

Dawn Irons


September 2021

September 2025

Enyinnaya Oji


September 2018

September 2022

Hugh Samuelson

Local Authority

September 2018

September 2022

Nina Hunt

Parent March 2019 March 2023

Alex Harvey

Parent December 2018 December 2022

Kristen Weiss

Associate September 2019 September 2023

Alice Vane

Co-opted September 2021 September 2025

Full Governing Body Meetings - Attendance Register 2020-2021

Date of Meetings: 16th Sep 2020 2nd Dec 2020 24th Mar 2021 19th May 2021 7th July 2021 Total Attended
Gina Donaldson


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