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Breakfast and After School Club


At Blean we offer a Breakfast club from 7:30am and an After School Club until 6pm.

The club aims to create a ‘home from home’ environment where children can play, relax and interact with all different ages. Activities include art and craft, playground games, role play and relaxing with friends in the quiet area.

All food is prepared on the premises and we offer a variety of dishes catering for any needs.

Breakfasts may include: 

  • cereals, toast, fruit, yogurt, juices and treat days with pancakes or muffins etc.

After School Club snacks:

A light snack is served every afternoon at the Club and all dietary requirements are addressed.

Our staff are a range of ages, adding to the family feeling in the club; many of them working in other roles in the school enabling good links between club and school.

We would love to welcome you into the club. Why not add your child’s name to the waiting list.

Important information

Access to Breakfast Club is via the side gate.  Please press the buzzer on the wall for controlled entry.  With regards to the After School Club children in Years R, 1 and 2 are escorted to the Extended School at the end of the day by a member of staff.  Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 go directly to the After School Club at 3.25pm.  Collection from the After School Club is via the side gate with controlled entry.

The Blean Extended School terms and conditions along with admission forms are issued upon registration of places at the Club.

The cost of Breakfast Club is £5.80 per child and the cost of After School Club is £10.00 per child.

Payment of fees are required one term in advance and persistent late or non-payment of fees will result in your child losing their allocated place within Extended School.  Please note that a weekly £25 late payment fee will be applied to all late payments.

  • BACS and Childcare Vouchers are the only accepted methods of payment.

All payments are non refundable.

Failure to collect by 6pm will be invoiced at £5 for every five minutes and persistent late pick up will result in your child losing their allocated place within the club.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your child from the club one term’s written notice is required or you will incur one term’s charges.

For further information please do hesitate to email extendedschool@blean.kent.sch.uk.

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