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Hockey Tournament 
On Tuesday 10th of July 4 teams went to a hockey tournament at Herne bay High School. When we got there we were put in our teams and our team was Holland. Our first match was against Argentina and we started off well but lost 4, 0 to them. Our first match was against South Africa and we scores were 3, 0 to them. But we kept our spirits high and our next match was against New Zealand. The scores were 3, 0 to them. Our next match was against Australia and the scores were 1, 0 to us. Luckily Sabasher scored for us. We were getting tired but we kept on going. Our next match was against England. The scores were 3, 0 to them. Our last match was against India scores were 0, 0.
By Dottie and Paula.

Hockey Tournament
On Tuesday we went to a hockey tournament. Our team was called Argentina. We were mainly Year 4’s with some Year 5’s in our team. For most of us it was our first hockey tournament. We played 7 matches in total. We won 5 matches and lost 2. We won 5-0; 2-1; 3-0; 1-0 and 4-1. We missed out on a Bronze medal by 1 goal but had a great time. Thank you to Miss Irons for coaching us.

Hockey Tournament
On Tuesday 10th of July the red team played at the hockey tournament at Herne Bay School. We were given the team name South Africa. We had 5 Year 6’s and 4 Year 5’s on our team. We played 6 games and we won the first, 2nd and 3rd. We drew the 4th 1-1, then the 5th game we sadly lost against the other Blean team wi9th the Year 6’s. Fortunately we won 1-0. There was a confusion over the final scores, but got to the top 3.

Hockey match Reports
New Zealand – Robbie
South Africa – Jessica
Argentina – Spencer and Luke
Holland – William and Ellen

Kent School Agility
We went to the university to take part in the finals of the Kent School Agility. We took part in the running, jumping and throwing events. Afterwards we walked to an activity area. Where we played archery, rode bikes and played some team games.


A strength of our school is our dedicated and talented team of staff who are committed to the well-being of pupils.  We have created a learning environment where children feel challenged and supported in their learning; consequently pupils progress well as they move through the school and achieve well by the time they leave.  There is a link to the OfSTED data dashboard under ‘useful links’ on this site where you can compare Blean School data to all schools and similar schools.

This is a friendly and caring school where children are helped to grow up as considerate, sensible young people. As well as being proud of our academic successes we nurture good manners, mutual respect, tolerance, teamwork and, of course, a sense of humour.  Our aim is that the knowledge, skills and attitudes experienced here at Blean School will lead to a lifetime of fulfilment.

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